Wellness Cornerstone

What’s “over the hill,” anyway?

In 2 generations, Americans’ expectations of retirement living and senior wellness have been upended as life expectancies have pushed nearly a generation higher. Living well is literal, i.e., “well” meaning healthy aging, which includes nurturing a sound mind and a fit body, together with discovering rewarding friendships and exciting adventures to generate wonderful memories. This is the life at Cornerstone, where everybody knows that it’s only when you’re “over the hill” that you get this incredible view — life! Beautiful life — that nobody else can see (because the hill’s in the way).

A full life, a means to fulfillment.

Days here include constantly refreshed wellness programs for the empowerment and personal growth of our seniors. And while you’ll have your own agenda and projects to pursue, you’ll additionally get the benefit of all these ever-present ways to enrich your retirement living with our daily, weekly and one-time opportunities to work, play and learn together with new friends:

  • Baking classes
  • Bible studies
  • Chapel and other worship services
  • Crafts classes
  • Dinners downtown
  • Excursions for appointments, entertainment, shopping
  • Lectures
  • Library groups (shhh!)
  • Outdoor gardening
  • Parties, socials and scheduled games

Balance, rebalance, repeat.

The key to senior wellness is to stay mentally, spiritually and physically active. We know that, and so do you, in fact, because a life such as yours has meant successfully balancing family, career, social life and spirituality. You know that putting wellness first doesn’t always come naturally (if ever), and it’s surely no surprise that retirement is one of your life’s major rebalances. That’s reason enough for us to dedicate ourselves to creating opportunities that enrich your well-being — the mental, spiritual and physical activities that help you keep your balance. In addition, you’ll find our compassionate professionals — together with this community of active, interesting and life-affirming seniors — good people to age well with.

For accurate impressions, nothing beats a visit. Come for a tour, a meal or overnight, if you like — just let us know when you’re coming, and we’ll have your room ready.