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Live well

Senior Wellness and Healthy Aging at Cornerstone Retirement Community

Live well, and 90 is the new 70.


Redefining Wellness

Being healthy is so much more than the number on a scale or the reading on a blood pressure monitor.  True wellness is about being healthy in body, mind and spirit.  At Cornerstone, we understand that the body needs well-balanced meals, exercise and fresh air while the mind needs meaningful conversation, stimulating activity and continual growth. We also believe that at the core of each person there is the spirit which requires emotional wholeness, a sense of purpose and connection to one’s faith to remain well.  So, when we discuss an emphasis on wellness, we mean wellness from the inside out.  We carefully plan opportunities to nurture every element of what our elders need while allowing the dynamics of community living to do the rest.  Not only will you find a calendar full of exercise classes, Chef demos and chapel services (to only name a few), but you’ll find that loneliness is chased away by friendly neighbors and encouragement is always nearby.  At Cornerstone, we are truly redefining wellness. 

A sampling of the good life

Ah…the good life!  How would you define it?  Empowered?  Personal growth? Contentment? Purpose? Connection?  However you define it, you’ll find all of the ingredients to true fulfillment here at Cornerstone!

  • Baking classes
  • Bean Bag Baseball tournaments
  • Bible studies
  • Chapel and other worship services
  • Crafts classes
  • Dinners downtown
  • Excursions for appointments, entertainment, shopping
  • Lectures
  • Library groups
  • Outdoor gardening
  • Parties, socials and scheduled games
Parties socials

Social wellness is key

In a post pandemic world, more and more Americans are struggling with loneliness.  Of course, loneliness isn’t the same thing as solitude.  Solitude can be a short term, fulfilling experience where one can rejuvenate their spirit. Loneliness occurs when there is a deep longing for companionship that isn’t available.  At Cornerstone, there is always companionship available making loneliness a thing of the past.  Studies have shown that socially connected seniors reduce the chances of cognitive decline, depression and even the physical consequences of prolonged loneliness and isolation.  Living at Cornerstone has changed many lives in its 25 plus years simply because it is a place where people come together.  We wholeheartedly believe that no one should age alone. Come for a tour, and see the life changing power of community for yourself. Read Charlotte Ray’s story of transformation here.

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