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Retirement Community in Texarkana, Texas

We honor and serve older adults as an expression of Christ’s love.

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PUrposeful living = community living

It has been said that life is best lived with one another.  At Cornerstone, we believe wholeheartedly in the power of community to banish loneliness and boredom while opening one up to brand new opportunities for meaning and purpose.  Thousands of Northeast Texans have called Cornerstone home since opening our doors in 1996, each leaving their mark on who we are today. Countless stories of friendship and connection echo through the halls which is what has transformed this building into a sacred, special place over the years.  There is no doubt, aging is a delicate process with numerous joys as well as a few sorrows along the way. As the area’s only faith-based, non-profit senior living community, Cornerstone’s ministry to area seniors stands alone in quality, longevity and reputation, making us well equipped to support your journey. When you come to Cornerstone, we commit to doing all we can to make your life better, but we ask you to do the same for Cornerstone.  Bring your talents, hobbies and passions to enhance the lives of those around you.  Along the way, you may find, that a new level of fulfillment awaits you.  You see, joining the Cornerstone family means embracing God’s design of community where encouragement, joy and kindness are ever-present.   

Life on your terms.

We do the chores so that you do...well…whatever you want!  That’s the point, isn’t it?  When you no longer have to worry about the cooking, cleaning and yardwork, your day is wide open with possibilities.  Ready to explore what real freedom feels like? Let’s chat! 


A SPECTRUM of health services

With the full continuum of care on one campus, you can secure a plan for your future with Bowie County’s top rated care community. Whatever you may need, our team of clinicians are ready to help.

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