Retirement Community in Texarkana, Texas

Most popular amenity? Freedom.

What can you do with handfuls of freEdom?

Show us what you can do with freedom beaucoup. Because when we take cooking, laundry, housework and yard work off your hands, suddenly you have big, beautiful blocks of free time, every day. You’re free to fill those hands with what your heart tells you is more important: grandchildren, your sweetheart, genealogy and other legacies, creative or charitable work, or simply those books you’ve promised yourself you’d read. This is Independent Living at Cornerstone, a best choice in retirement communities in Texarkana, TX. In your senior apartment here, life can be a satisfying journey of friendship, fun and fitness, action and adventure, and so sensible that you sleep worry-free.

Hear from our residents about what it's like to live at Methodist Retirement Communities.

It’s up to you.

Join Cornerstone as an Independent Living resident, and you’re free to live as you please – with no regimentation from us. All that matters to us is that you’ve got what you need to sally forth, seize the day and make your big beautiful mark on the world. Live freely and get in touch.


A SPECTRUM of health services

For residents of Cornerstone, Texarkana and Bowie County, you can find a full range of health services here, or Home Health delivered wherever you are.

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