Health services for Cornerstone, greater Texarkana, TX, and beyond.

We offer a complete continuum of senior health care services, from Assisted Living to long-term Skilled Nursing, Memory Support, Home Health, Respite and Rehabilitation services. With this array available to both our Independent Living residents and to the public, our service territory starts with Texarkana, TX, and radiates out to include Bowie County and, well, anyone who needs top-tier care.

The immense convenience of a single location.

The big benefit of a CCRC (continuing care retirement community) like ours is the minimal “D” (disruption). Consider:

  • You’re an Independent Living resident, suddenly no longer at your best. This one’s easy. You can move right on over to Assisted Living. There, morning and night, you’ll find just the help you need to get back your confident, rarin’-to-go independence. Friends — and spouse — from your Independent Living days remain nearby. So with your good humor and grace, plus a smart team of professionals, your routine continues, pretty smooth and plenty satisfying.
  • You’ve just had major surgery. You’re released from the hospital, but before you get back to your Independent Living apartment, a 10-day stay in short-term Rehabilitation is needed — to get you back into the swing of things. You’ll find that Rehabilitation right here, close to your Cornerstone family. (Ooh! Look! They brought you cookies.) And thus, life continues.
  • You were doing fine in Assisted Living until you weren’t; you simply need more assistance. So you’re carefully moved to long-term Skilled Nursing, where you get all the services you need, delivered by the good Cornerstone people you know and trust. Plus, your friends from Assisted Living are close enough you can continue, when the nurse says it’s okay, with weekly pinochle.

In short, simply because of its design, Cornerstone can provide better and often more affordable care. Or, to put it another way, you can’t spell CCRC with a D.

Assisted Living

When help with one or more of the tasks of everyday living is all that stands between you and your confidence and independence.

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Memory Support

When age-related dementia (that may include Alzheimer’s disease) and other forms of severe memory loss impact your safety.

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Skilled Nursing

When suddenly or with plenty of notice, our place or yours, any time and for any reason, you need a licensed nurse 24/7.

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When your body needs help to heal and remember how to be its best and strongest after an injury, illness or surgery.

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Home Health

When daily visits to your Texarkana home by an RN or personal assistant mean you can safely continue to live at home.

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This is your invitation to start a quiet conversation that can put your health care fears to rest.

Health Services FAQs

It’s always wise to start with a physician’s exam. After assessments of medical needs and of the ability to accomplish life’s daily activities, our professional team is better able to advise you, as well as provide information, answer questions, and help you determine the best decision for you and your family.

Very! Many Assisted Living residents are quite independent but simply need assistance with a daily task or two (or more), which typically range from taking medication to bathing, dressing, and/or help with meals, housekeeping, transportation, and other everyday routines. A trained, licensed nurse and certified nurse aides are available 24/7 to provide custom-tailored support to help your loved one preserve their active lifestyle filled with family, friends and activities.

Short-term Rehabilitation is for those who need greater care while recovering from a hospital stay, and those recovering from illness, injury, surgery or stroke. Your team will include a doctor, nurse, social worker and dietitian, together with your therapists who’ll provide the care, guide the rehab process, and work in partnership with you and your family members.