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Good food’s so often at the heart of good memories.

Our philosophy is simple: “Eating in” should taste as good or better than “going out.”

Simple, nutritious, outstanding.

3 times a day. 7 days a week. Month after month. We know how cooking for the family — or just for yourself — can be a challenge. How do you keep it interesting and nourishing? Here’s an answer: Cornerstone’s dining. We always approached mealtimes with creativity, kindness and determination. We deliver simple fare. We make sure it’s nutritious — especially for seniors. And the best part? We’re cooking, so you don’t have to. (Unless you really want to sometimes.)


Hankerings handled.

Different tastes, diets and lifestyles. We aim to please ’em all. When you’d like to dine leisurely, romantically with a special someone, all alone and lost in thought, or in the company of great friends — we’ve got the spot and the menu for what you’re craving. Expect the chef to get to know you — and listen to your accounts of what you want and need on your plate. Also expect to gather with other residents and the chef from time to time, just to talk about menu planning and dining experiences. Because when you live here, we’re honored to serve you at your table.

And please, when you come visit, be sure to stay and eat!

In the meantime, nibble on this.

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