Reclaim independence

Assisted Living in Texarkana, TX

Reclaim independence.

Assisted Living

Get back the joy of living.

When you’re looking for Assisted Living in Texarkana, TX, to help with daily chores (cooking, cleaning, laundry) and the other activities of daily life (dressing, bathing, what-have-you), take a close look at Cornerstone. We’ll help you return again to the best of your independent lifestyle. Because while we list Assisted Living as one of our senior living health services, you should see it for what it really is: a blessed chance to hit “Reset” on the joys of life.

See yourself bloom.

Whether you come from Cornerstone Independent Living, or you’ve come looking for Assisted Living in Texarkana, TX, and found us, the delights in store exceed mere safety and security. In fact, once you have the senior care you need for a rich, full life, you may be delightfully surprised with how you bloom. Help when it counts, friends all around, and a setting that feels like love. This is special.

Assisted Living Texarkana

Always the ADLs (Activities of Daily Life)

Certain daily activities are simply part of life. Grooming, eating, getting around – normal life, right? Until they’re not. And that’s precisely where Assisted Living comes in. After all, when you can’t keep up with the ADLs, you can begin to feel a little less than human, and that will never be okay with us. So Cornerstone Assisted Living gets you your beautiful humanity back, simply by lending a hand with the activities of daily living.

Feeling very well at home.

Your beautiful apartment includes a kitchenette, private bath and walk-in shower with built-in safety features. Add daily customized care, 3 meals, housekeeping and laundry twice a week, scheduled transportation, and a full activity calendar. What more could you ask for? Well, you didn’t ask, but we thought you might enjoy (a) …

  • Beautiful lobby and community activity center
  • Attractive and professional landscaping
  • Casual and formal dining venues
  • Private dining accommodations
  • Large auditorium
  • Library and/or reading rooms
  • Chapel for all denominations
  • Private mailboxes
  • Fitness room
  • Ice cream parlor
  • Hair salon and other on-site conveniences

And in addition, a full flight of services:

  • 24/7 emergency call-and-response system
  • Business office services: notary, photocopies
  • Catering on request
  • Exercise, fitness and wellness programs
  • Fine restaurant-style dining
  • Guest accommodations
  • Laundry and linen service
  • Life-enriching activities for mind, body and soul, which may include music, exercise, movies, and outings to local restaurants and events
  • Transportation
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Worship services for all denominations, daily

Daily assistance as needed.

Whether you’re transferring from an Independent Living residence or coming in from greater Ark-La-Tex, contact us for transparent talk and a tour of Cornerstone Assisted Living.


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 Can I get “out and about”?

embrace wellness.

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