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A community of neighbors

Retirement Living & Senior Lifestyles at Cornerstone Retirement Community

A community of neighbors.

Active and outgoing


You never have to worry about a stuffy atmosphere around here.  Instead, you’ll find comfortable, down-to-earth folks who are ready to make a new friend and always ready to have some fun.  Whether it’s an excursion to the local museum, a competitive game of bean bag baseball or concert in the auditorium, you can count on having a blast.

A lifestyle that connects

At heart, the true differentiator among senior living communities is how deeply satisfied you feel with how you spend each day; that is, your retirement lifestyle. Consider these five enhancements to your lifestyle:

  1. Food. Cooking is optional. With Chef prepared meals at your fingertips, it almost seems silly to pull out pots and pans to cook for one.  Plus, the meals are nutritionally balanced, attractive and well-planned.  You may never cook again. Don’t forget the best part- we do the dishes too!
  2. Friends.  It has been said that the best type of library is a community because interesting stories abound, lived out in the pages of people’s lives.  At Cornerstone, you’ll find no shortage of intriguing people to befriend and swap tall tales. The value that these new friends add to your life is immeasurable because you’ll find prayer partners, jokesters, secret keepers and encouragers that will, no doubt, make life better.
  3. Wellness. When your daily wellness program opportunities are balanced, positive, inclusive, and right outside your door, you’ll find that motivation is also well within reach.
  4. Adventure. When you’re easily able to spend time daily with close friends or with nature, perhaps exploring the landscaped grounds and walkways tucked among beautiful native pines and hardwoods that comprise much of the 48 lush acres of Cornerstone.
  5. Purpose. Life is defined by what gets us out of bed each morning.  For some, that purpose becomes the many volunteer opportunities around Cornerstone.  For others, it may be the joy of letting us handle the housework, cooking, and yardwork so that they can fully give their time to what matters most to them.  Whatever your purpose, we pray it deepens at Cornerstone.


Our charter stipulates entry for no one younger than 55 (unless one’s spouse is older). Our parent company is Methodist Retirement Communities (MRC), who gets its origins from the United Methodist Church (UMC).  The Texas Annual Conference gifted the first ever community, establishing MRC in 1962. Today, the UMC doesn’t provide MRC with financial support for operational expenses, nor do they provide oversight to operations.  However, there is a very strong relationship of support that manifests in charitable donations and volunteerism. While these are our roots, Cornerstone warmly welcomes every dear soul, regardless of color, disability, gender, nationality, race or religion.

Pets welcome


Your small dog or cat surely qualifies as family and is absolutely welcomed at Cornerstone. Yes, studies have shown how important pets are for good health, especially as we age, but no clinical trial can ever get to the depth of feeling, the power of communication and the simple joy of companionship that pets brings to one’s retirement living. We only ask for the opportunity to interview your pet prior to your move so that we can ensure they are a great fit for community living.


We tried listing our services and amenities in order of importance, but in fact, the only thing everyone agrees on is that they’re all important. Consequently, alphabetized:


  • 24/7 emergency response service
  • Catering for special occasions
  • Exercise, fitness and wellness programs
  • Fine restaurant-style dining
  • Guest accommodations
  • Life-enriching activities for mind, body and soul
  • Personal laundry services
  • Professional business office, including notary, photocopies
  • Transportation
  • Weekly housekeeping and linen service
  • Worship services for all denominations


  • Attractive professional landscaping
  • Casual and formal dining venues
  • Chapel for all denominations
  • Community activity center
  • Fitness room
  • Gift shop
  • Hair salon and other on-site conveniences
  • Ice cream parlor
  • Landscaped walks on 48 beautiful acres
  • Large auditorium
  • Library reading rooms
  • Private dining accommodations
  • Private mailbox

Depending on your choice of housing and health care needs, your services may differ slightly. Feel free to ask us for details.

the high standard of excellence

Have we set the bar too high

As a faith-based community, we are compelled to demonstrate the love of Christ in all that we do.  We believe this is the highest standard possible and this commitment translates to staff who go the extra mile, programs that are thoughtfully designed and leadership that leads from a place of humility.  That’s why you’ll hear folks constantly talking about MRC’s ICARE values.  ICARE is an acronym that stands for integrity, compassion, accountability, respect and excellence and serves as our guide. Every single person on our staff is committed to demonstrating these ICARE principles every single day, in every way.  That means we’re all on the lookout for ways to serve, all the time. It’s not just a job, it’s a calling, one that comes from the heart.

come see for yourself

With every way we could describe Cornerstone here, the fact remains, you’ve really got to see it for yourself. Cornerstone seems to move to a different beat; elegant and a little sassy, with a good sense of humor too. If you are considering a possible change, make sure you give yourself time to take a tour, try the food and talk to folks. Strike up some conversations with people who look interesting, and ask about our wellness program or activities- anything you like. Ready for a visit? Let us know and we will get the table set.

Embrace wellness.

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