Wellness Cornerstone

The place where dreams are born. And borne out.

It’s just sensible to put down a deposit at this CCRC (continuing care retirement community). Senior apartments are beautiful at Cornerstone, indoors and out. And frankly, it’s fun here, too. Come ask anyone. We laugh a lot, we like each other, we get ideas, and then we get things done. Whatever your dreams are at this point in your life, bring them here. Because while you can search the world for a more supportive place for independent senior living, in the end, you’ll probably come right back to Texarkana, TX.

The deposit that makes sense 3 ways.

At Cornerstone, you put down an entrance deposit before you move in. What’s that good for? First, it secures your new senior living retirement apartment. Second, it ensures your lifetime unlimited discounts on residential health services while you’re here. And third, because it’s mostly refundable when you leave, it’s protection for your estate. And that makes it easy to think of your deposit as a foundation for the future.

Priority access. Peace of mind. Plus discounts.

Cornerstone serves the greater Bowie County community with its exceptional health services on an as-available basis. As an Independent Living resident, however, you have priority access to these services, so you can forget the phrase, “waiting line.” Rest easy, knowing that if ever you need Assisted Living, Memory Support or Skilled Nursing, it will be here for you. No having to check out new places, interview doctors or worry about coordinating prescriptions. And not only are Cornerstone prices competitive with those in greater Texarkana, as an independent living resident you’re entitled to a permanent:

  • 10% discount on Assisted Living services
  • 15% discount on Memory Support services
  • 20% discount on Skilled Nursing services

It’s possible you’ll grow accustomed. Quickly.

Our services and amenities are the extra conveniences and comforts it will be your pleasure to take for granted.

Depending on your choice of housing and health care needs, your services may differ slightly. Feel free to ask us for details.

That’s what friends are for.

The single most important thing you can do to improve your odds of a long life? Make friends. Dozens of studies have reaffirmed that a strong social network — that is, friends (and ideally, family) to share your life with can improve your odds by more than 50%. Loneliness is a health hazard, and in terms of living longer, nothing beats having people who care for you, who you care about, too.

“Friend” is an action verb.

To make a friend, do stuff together. To grow closer, do more stuff together. After a break, to pick up where you left off, do something together. There’s a pattern emerging — and we’re not being coy, because not everyone can see it. If you’re lonely, the only solution is to share some time with other people. And if you want to help a lonely person, the only solution is to let them enjoy sharing time with you (well, or your pet). That’s why our Independent Living calendar is loaded with events and activities that are fun to do together. And why we’re all ears when it comes to residents’ suggestions for new ideas. If an activity looks interesting, come try it out and try us on in Texarkana. Let’s make friends.

View Sample Calendar

You’ll want to do some dreaming here.

Choosing from 8 floor plans can be thrilling, budget permitting, as you determine your own priorities and define independent senior living on your own terms. Our Atrium Apartments (3 floor plans, 614 to 1,007 square feet, entrance deposits beginning at $116,490 and monthly fees at $2,000) are a hop-skip from the dining rooms and activity centers. In contrast, each Woods Edge Patio Home (6 floor plans, 1,800 to 3,200 square feet, entrance deposits beginning at $232,265 and monthly fees at $3,350) offers more independence and a sweet lawn somebody else maintains.

Apartment Homes

1 Bedroom, 1 Bath
1 Bedroom, 1 Bath with Study
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Patio Homes

2 Bedroom, 2 Bath
Live Oak
2 Bedroom, 2 Bath

Fact is, you’ll get a much better idea of how comfortably and quickly you can settle in — and right where you fit — if you come for an overnighter. See how these plans match what you imagine and if you can find yourself happily ever-aftering with us. But please, let us know you’re coming, so we can have your bed ready.

Independent Living FAQs

Living alone can be isolating and often results in low social interaction, which can have negative health consequences. In contrast, Cornerstone provides an entire community of friends, meaningful activities and social interactions. If you don’t feel like cooking, you can arrange to have healthy meals (and snacks) made for you and served with panache. And if your family is ever worried about you, our on-site staff are available 24/7.

Moving to a retirement community won’t stop you from getting older, but it very likely could extend your life. Maybe you live alone with a small dog, and unless you go to church or to the doctor, some weeks the only person you talk to is the UPS delivery person. Move to an Independent Living apartment at Cornerstone, meet your neighbors at your housewarming party, go to dinner, find out what you have in common, make some plans, and you’re well on your way to new friendships, better health and a healthier outlook — all in one swell foop.

Well, how certain are you that your good health will last indefinitely? Because if you develop medical needs that can’t be met by that money-saving independent living community, you’d soon be on your way to a care center where you’ll pay the market rate, which can be surprisingly high. The monthly cost for Skilled Nursing, for example, averages $5,019 per month* in the area, plus the costs of the move, at a time when your body (and your family) is already stressed. How much is your peace of mind worth?

* Genworth 2017 Cost of Care Survey, conducted by CareScout®, June 2017