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You’re needed.

We rely on angels

We rely on angels. We always have.

When a senior, through no fault of their own, unexpectedly runs out of funds, the natural result is fear. With a gift, you can assuage that fear right now and ensure our seniors’ ongoing needs will be met. And they can continue to live in their home.

  • Benevolent Care — Some residents’ biggest fears are that they won’t be able to afford to continue to live in their home and receive the care they need. Your gift will help a resident remain with us and live with dignity.
  • Education — For decades, MRC (Methodist Retirement Communities), our parent company, has promoted lifelong learning. WYSE (Wisdom for Youth from Senior Expertise) is an intergenerational program connecting high school seniors and juniors with our residents. This multi-year pilot offers hope for a breakthrough in connecting seemingly impossibly disparate generations in new and meaningful ways.
  • Construction — Major donations for start-up capital are the only way we can turn our dreams of serving more seniors into the reality of a new community. Without the support of the couples, families, organizations and individuals who share our commitment to senior care in a faith-based environment, MRC might still be where it started over a half-century ago — and Cornerstone certainly wouldn’t be here.

Our professionals can structure your gift to maximize benefits for you, Cornerstone and MRC. For assistance of all kinds, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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