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Why I Choose to at work at MRC Cornerstone Retirement Community

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Why I Choose to at work at MRC Cornerstone Retirement Community

Why I Choose to at work at MRC Cornerstone Retirement Community

I believe that God leads you to where you are supposed to be…

In Social Work, you can work with different demographics and agencies, and I think it is ironic how I ended up as a Social Worker for Methodist Retirement Communities. While obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Arkansas University (SAU), I thought I would work in domestic violence. My friend Abby, who was a year ahead in the program, had graduated and started working for a skilled nursing/long term care in Magnolia, Arkansas. This particular place had a locked Alzheimer’s Unit. I went to visit her at work, and she begged me to come in the unit and meet some of her Elders. I declined the offer and told her, “I don’t think that is for me”. 

Working with Elders

A year later, after graduation, my SAU program director called and said, “I have the perfect job for you.” Being a fresh graduate with no prospective job in my field in sight, I took the interview at Ouachita County Medical Center (OCMC) Geriatric Psych Unit in Camden, Arkansas. I was hired, and from there I knew I would never work with any other population than with Elders

I fell IN LOVE with their stories, guidance, and life lessons, as well as the fulfillment I received when helping them. I worked for OCMC for almost two years; until my momma had enough of me living two hours away, and was determined to find something for me in our hometown of Texarkana. 

In October of 2013, my mom called me and said there was an opening at MRC Cornerstone, and I should apply. I had never worked in long term care but knew I wanted to stay in the field of senior care so I applied; Eight years later and I still love it! 

MRC is my family

MRC Cornerstone has become my home; the Elders and coworkers are my family. MRC has supported me through the loss of my parents, watched me get married and gain a bonus daughter, worked with me as I achieved my Master’s degree from The University of Texas at Arlington, and continues to help me grow professionally. The stories and memories I have from working with the Elders at MRC Cornerstone will stay with me for a life time. Social Work can be a demanding and tireless occupation, but when you are doing what you love and helping who you love, it is all worth it. 

Happy Social Worker month to all our wonderful Social Workers in the MRC family!

With love,


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