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Where to get Treated like Royalty

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Where to get Treated like Royalty

Where to get Treated like Royalty

Crowning of King and Queen

Mardi Gras 2020 was a successful celebration and it is one of the largest events we enjoy here at MRC Cornerstone. If you have never been to the celebration, be sure to mark your calendar for next year! Every year, there is Cajun food, live music, and most importantly, a King and Queen. This year, our residents, Mr. Jimmy Jones and Mrs. Chris Terry were crowned royal reign of Cornerstone. However, winning the crown is more than votes. We asked both residents about the royal treatment they receive at Cornerstone beyond Mardi Gras.

Breakfast and more fit for a King

For Mr. Jones, his royal treatment is the fact he wakes up every morning and enjoys a delicious prepared breakfast, fit for a king! As he sat and drank his coffee, he proceeded to tell me, “I have been here almost a year and have enjoyed every minute of it. I am treated like a King because I receive the assistance I need. Even if I lose my phone, which I do, the staff is there to help me look. I enjoy every meal and fellowship with others as we talk about baseball and news. It’s just fun.” Interestingly enough, I asked Mr. Jones, “Were you ever Prom King or Homecoming King?” He laughed in amusement and said, “Oh no, I did not attend high school. This was my first crown! Other than that, I am waiting for the crown when I get to heaven… and that’s a pretty big one!”

Love and care for a Queen

As for Mrs. Terry, her reasoning for being treated like royalty is she is loved by many and how great the staff takes care of her and her home. “Honey, I am treated like a queen because I never have to worry about housekeeping or cooking. I can relax or go shopping and know the chores will get done.” She proceeded to tell me she also enjoys the transportation and can be chauffeured around town any time she wants. Overall she loves how she is personally treated. “The staff is kind and caring towards me. I love how they are attentive and treat me like I am someone special.”

Every resident is royalty

It is safe to say every resident here is treated like royalty, even if they aren’t physically wearing the crown at Mardi Gras. MRC Cornerstone implements care and friendship while taking care of the housekeeping, cooking, yard work, maintenance and so much more. There is no such thing as King or Queen for a day, it is every day. All hail the King and Queen!


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