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The Benefits of In-Home Health Care

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The Benefits of In-Home Health Care

The Benefits of In-Home Health Care

Did you know, in-home health care gives elders the ability to recover, manage chronic and acute pain, and manage health conditions in the one place they would actually want to be-- their own home! Here are the top three advantages of in-home health care.

Range of Services

In-home health care is a variety of licensed services, such as: physical, speech, and occupational therapies; home health nurses, psychiatric nurses, aides, and social workers. In-home health teams are completely under the supervision of an attending physician. This service provides convenience to the elder and their family by decreasing the need to attend constant appointments and even emergent visits.

“You can expect help with most of the caregiving tasks that make everyday life easier. That includes: medication reminders, help with daily activities, light housekeeping, meal preparation, bathing and grooming, help with mobility, and transportation for shopping, doctors’ appointments and errands.” (MRC Cornerstone Home Health Website)

Companionship and Relief

Another benefit of in-home health care is providing companionship to elders whose families may be unable to visit or provide comfort that is needed in order to live and thrive in their home. Our team of licensed professionals not only provides therapies and treatment to medical needs, but they have a great amount of compassion, comfort and a genuine relationship with their patients.


The last and most important advantage of having in-home health care is that seniors may never admit they are struggling because they don’t want someone to take away their independence. In-home health care allows elders to continue doing everyday tasks on their own, like bathing, cooking, dressing, walking, transferring, etc. The medical assistance/helping hand from our health care team allows elders to gain their strength and learn to do tasks in their home.  This form of health care allows elders to live independently for as long as they possibly can.

Cornerstone’s Home Health care services can bring daily assistance in the areas needed most, improving the emotional and physical well-being of Texarkana, TX, senior residents and their caregivers.” (MRC Cornerstone Home Health Website)

Visit www.mrccornerstone.org/home-health-texarkana to learn more about our Home Health Services and what we have to offer you!

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