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Spring Cleaning:Rightsizing

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Spring Cleaning:Rightsizing

Spring Cleaning:Rightsizing

          Spring Cleaning: Right-Sizing

When spring comes, do you look around your place and say “I need to de-clutter” or “I have too much stuff”? No need to fear, it is something we have all faced. Here are a few tips in right sizing your living space.

  1. In order to finish, you have to begin. Several days a week, designate time to go through belongings. Throw away any thing that is damaged, not used often, or no longer wanted. Rightsizing won’t happen overnight, for it took years to accumulate those stuff. Rightsizing is a life style, so start today!
  2. Ask yourself. Have I used this in 6 months? If it were to disappear, would I run out and replace it? Ask yourself honest questions. You would be surprised how many times we answer “no”.
  3. Treat yourself. Instead of receiving gifts at special holidays or events, tell family and friends you would prefer a gift card, gift certificate, quality time, or a road trip, etc. Collect memories, not things.

Mr. Stratton, a resident at MRC Cornerstone was asked for his advice on rightsizing. He replied, “That’s simple. If you haven’t used it in a year, throw it away.”

Happy Spring Cleaning!


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