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Prayer Walking

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Prayer Walking

Prayer Walking

Dede Jefferson was sitting in a meeting one day when she heard Todd Partin, Vice President of Philanthropy, discuss how he often prayer walks the halls of MRC communities, praying for the residents of each room as he passes. She was instantly inspired to do something similar. Now, each time there is a vacant residence at Cornerstone, Dede takes time to walk through the space to pray for whomever will occupy it next.

 “Many times, elders have a major life event prior to making a move to Cornerstone. Sometimes it is a change in their health or in some cases, it is the loss of a spouse. Whatever it is, I want to be praying for them before I even meet them,” explained Dede. She went on to say, “I am so pleased to have a job that allows my faith to play a role in my work.”

 Jefferson was recently promoted to the role of Sales and Marketing Director after working as a Healthcare Sales Counselor. “Dede has a huge heart and we are so glad to have her compassionate leadership leading our marketing team at Cornerstone,” said Britany Gavriel, Executive Director.  


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