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My Unlikely Career in Senior Living – Catherine Smith

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My Unlikely Career in Senior Living – Catherine Smith

My Unlikely Career in Senior Living – Catherine Smith

At the young age of 18, I married my husband, Wayne Smith. He was established with a career at Kansas City Southern Railroad and together, we began our family. We decided I would be a stay-at-home wife and mother. I enjoyed this career choice and was happy to be available for my husband and children whenever they needed me. After 17 years, my children had grown past the point of needing a full-time mother. With the beginnings of an empty nest and being a very social person, I found myself at home alone and searching for a purpose.

After being away from the work place environment for the amount of time that I was raising my children, I felt my options were limited. Always an optimist and a person that enjoys serving others, I applied for the job of Admissions Coordinator at MRC Cornerstone. Having personal experience of the journey that the families that come to Cornerstone are on, I knew I could relate to these families with compassion. I could also be an advocate for them and their loved ones. I believe God knew I had all the qualifications He deemed necessary for me to serve in the capacity of Admissions Coordinator.

I am blessed every day to be working with such wonderful people, residents, families and staff. I love my new career and I can only hope I have made a difference in touching others’ lives as they have made in mine.

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