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It’s Time to Choose MRC Cornerstone

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It’s Time to Choose MRC Cornerstone

It’s Time to Choose MRC Cornerstone

We Did Not Sit Down

Having moved to Cornerstone in 2018, Mr. and Mrs. Thornton decided MRC Cornerstone was the place for them, being it was next door to the Methodist Church, the aesthetics of the community, closer to family, and the dining options and availability. “For Neil and me, it was many things we liked, but it was almost like picking a college. When you’re on campus looking, and when you know, you know. Cornerstone was for us.” Mrs. Thornton is very independent as she loves to stay busy, but doesn’t need to be entertained. “We came here knowing of the services and amenities, but not expecting to be taken care of. We refused to retire and sit down. Life kept going, and we were able to do whatever we wanted.”

They knew him…

The Thorntons were married 65 years. Life has changed for Mrs. Thornton, as Mr. Thornton passed away this year, January 2020. Interestingly enough, she spoke of how nice it is that people at Cornerstone knew him. “Not only do I have friends here who can relate to my loss, but they knew him. He is real to them, and they still talk about him.” She continued to stress how important it was making the move together, while they were able to. “It’s nice to have created memories here at MRC Cornerstone together. We did it while we could, and before we had no choices left. I am glad we moved and were able to enjoy more memories together.”

Knit-Wit Ministry

These days Mrs. Thornton utilizes her time staying busy by reading a good book, going to chapel, exercising, and enjoying her patio. She is very involved with the Knit-Wit Ministry with Williams United Methodist Church. “We knit hats for cancer patients who have lost their hair. We take them to all the oncologist offices here in Texarkana, children’s hospital in Little Rock, AR, and even MD Anderson in Houston.” She says they have made well over 700 and it is “such a blessing to know we are helping others.”

Ask Yourself

In closing, Mrs. Thornton’s story and outlook on life really makes us think about our own wellness. Ask yourself these questions:

1.    Have I succumbed to just sitting and not being active?

2.    Am I getting the socialization I need?

3.    Most importantly, am I being proactive in planning for my future?

“Too many times people wait until it’s too late, and they never get to fully experience all MRC Cornerstone has to offer.”

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