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Five Perks to Retiring in Texarkana

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Five Perks to Retiring in Texarkana

Five Perks to Retiring in Texarkana

After speaking with several seniors in our community and outside our community, I have found that there are multiple reasons why seniors choose to retire in our great city of Texarkana. The top five reasons that I have found were: the climate, location, southern hospitality feel, the healthcare options, and the religious and worship options.

The climate in Texarkana is mild, with very soft winters and dry, long sunny days the majority of the year. With an average high of 74F, and an average low of 52F, seniors with temperature sensitivity flock to our climate. More porch days seem to convert to longer life expectancy in our town.

Geological Location

The geological location of Texarkana is one of the biggest draws. Centrally located between Little Rock and Dallas, with the closest “rush hour traffic” more than 150 miles east or west, what more can I say? Seniors love the restaurant and shopping options minus the headaches of everyday traffic.

Southern Hospitality
Texarkana is very well known for its “southern hospitality.” Residents want to know your name, your family’s history and more. The positive side of that is they will treat you like family almost immediately. They welcome traditions and new ideas, they will greet you with a “hey” and a smile. Seniors are drawn to this unique trait of our locals, and want to be a part of that upon first introduction.

Healthcare Options

A small town with two large hospitals. This has always been a plus for our area. The clinics are easy to get to with great doctors, and the options for Medicare are many.

Worship Options
Finally, there is a church on every corner. The worship options are endless for almost every faith. The church leaders are our city leaders, and their involvement in our community is incomparable.

I am very thankful for my city of Texarkana, and what it offers to our growing senior population.

By: Amy Durmon

MRC Cornerstone Senior Living Counselor


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