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Decluttering Your Home- Top 5 Categories for Successful Sorting

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Decluttering Your Home- Top 5 Categories for Successful Sorting

Decluttering Your Home- Top 5 Categories for Successful Sorting

Stuff, stuff, and more stuff! Are you overwhelmed with clutter?

Did you know that decluttering your space can also help declutter your mind?  It’s true!

According to Utah State University, there are significant benefits to your mental health when you tidy up your space and remove unwanted clutter. Not only will you notice a boost in mood, but you'll also relieve anxiety, sharpen your focus, and reenergize your productivity.

For many, the hardest part is knowing where to start.

Consider looking at all of your belongings with five categories in mind to begin the sorting process.

  1. Things to keep. If it's useful, meaningful, or necessary, hold on to it.
  2. Things to gift. Some items are significant because of the memories they hold. Consider passing these items along to those who would also treasure them. Be careful to ask before you pass along items because you feel they would want them. Let them choose. Remember, you don't want to burden them with clutter. Instead, allow them to thoughtfully accept only what they will value. Whatever they pass over, recategorize and move on. Don't let your feelings get hurt if they don't want to take something...remember...you don't want it either.
  3. Things to sell. If you are ready to part with it, but it could hold significant value, consider selling the item.
  4. Things to donate. If the item is usable and could be helpful to others, seek out local charities that are accepting these items.
  5. Things to be tossed. If it is missing pieces, broken, faded or no longer functioning, it is time to toss it. Also, if has holds little value to be passed along to others, let it go. If local charities aren't interested in taking these items, it may be a good sign that it should be headed to the dump.

As you go through this process, do your best to avoid getting overwhelmed. You can accomplish this by tackling only one room in your home at a time. Take several breaks and call trusted individuals to lend a helping hand when possible.

Along the way, you may find that the sense of accomplishment you experience is quite rewarding. This can help fuel your desire to keep going until your entire space has been decluttered for a fresh start to the New Year.

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