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Top Ten Reasons to Choose Faith-Based, Non-Profit Elder Care as a Career

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Top Ten Reasons to Choose Faith-Based, Non-Profit Elder Care as a Career

Top Ten Reasons to Choose Faith-Based, Non-Profit Elder Care as a Career

 Choosing a career path is not an easy task, especially in the world of healthcare where there are a multitude of possibilities. Many who choose to work in non-profit senior living find that the industry provides ample opportunities for advancement along with an incredible sense of fulfillment. Here are the top ten reason why you might consider working in faith-based, non-profit elder care.

10.          You will have full access to the type of wisdom and stories that only come from long life.  If you want to grow personally, spending some quality time with the greatest generation will do the trick!  

9.            In a residential setting, true long-term relationships can form, allowing you to fully know those you care for and be well-known in return.  Unlike other clinical settings where your patients are constantly changing, in a community, you become like family.

8.            Lots of parties, socials and entertainment!  Every day you come to work there will be something new to enjoy alongside the elders.  Petting zoos, concerts, shopping trips, games, the list goes on and on. Just be prepared to have fun!  

7.            Play piano? Enjoy crafts? Like to dance? Great at baking? Your talents and interests are celebrated and can be woven into life at the community!

6.            Appreciation abounds! Hugs, words of encouragement, and uplifting exchanges are very common when working with elders.  They have lots of love to give!

5.            With the senior population growing rapidly, the senior living industry is a solid career investment due to increased demand for senior services.

4.            The environment is homelike instead of the sterile, clinical setting often found in other healthcare settings.

3.            In a non-profit organization, the single driving force is to fulfill the mission. Therefore, any revenue that is created goes back into the community to enhance the lives of the elders rather than to shareholders.    

2.            You won’t have to worry about the community changing ownership, instead you’ll enjoy the benefits of a longstanding commitment to get it right.  

1.            Working for a faith-based, Christian organization means that expressions of faith, like prayer, are welcomed and encouraged, even though not required. You are empowered to let your faith play a role in how an individual is cared for in body, mind and spirit.

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