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Are You In Good Health?

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Are You In Good Health?

Are You In Good Health?

The definition of wellness is “being in good health.” However, did you know there are 7 components of wellness? They are: social, emotional, spiritual, environmental, occupational, intellectual, and physical. Each of these components rely on one another and is essentially what drives an individual’s quality of life.

Often, seniors living at home are more prone to isolation, minimal physical activity, and inadequate intellectual stimulation. That being said, living in a retirement community gives you a better chance of keeping these vital components balanced and healthy. Our Life Enrichment Coordinator, Jennifer Cox, can attest to the positive effect that living in a senior community can have on a senior’s wellness. “Residents come to Cornerstone for many different reasons. I encourage them to come out of their rooms’ and participate with activities and interact with other residents. Once they find similar interest and compare their life history, it results in lasting friendship. Out of these friendships come enjoyment, feeling of purpose, improved health and overall wellness.”

At Cornerstone, there are activities and opportunity that keep you social and active. There is emotional support by being around others who know what you are going through. Also, your living space is clean and bright and all set in a worry-free environment. When you consider all 7 components of wellness, you might ask yourself, am I in good health?


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