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A True Testimony from a New Resident Couple at Cornerstone

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A True Testimony from a New Resident Couple at Cornerstone

A True Testimony from a New Resident Couple at Cornerstone

Recently, I sat down with the Webbs, a new resident couple, to discuss some key factors that helped make MRC Cornerstone Healthy Living Community an easy YES for them.

The Webbs pointed out three important reasons why they chose to sell their home and start a new life at MRC Cornerstone:


  • The value of a Continuum Care Retirement Community (CCRC)
  • Leaving all the work to someone else
  • The need for more socialization with friends

We saw that everything we may need in the future was right here at Cornerstone. We love that there is rehab right here and all care is individualized for each resident. The CCRC helps us keep our independence and evolves with our needs as we age. It gives us peace of mind knowing that the other will be taken care of in the same community.


We see now that we should have moved here sooner. It’s so nice knowing all of our food can be prepared and our maintenance is taken care of for us. We don’t have to worry about yardwork anymore or even fixing things around the house that break. As a result, we have free time to relax and have fun. We have begun to play dominoes, bean bag baseball and just out making new friends has been one of the best aspects of living at Cornerstone.


We noticed that our social lives had dwindled over the past few years. Friends and family had moved away. We didn’t realize it until we moved here, just how much we had missed visiting with friends. The residents here look after each other, and we have enjoyed seeing that since we moved here.

These are the stories that we love to hear because this is our mission lived out. The value that separates MRC Cornerstone from any other retirement community is our residents. We have a mission that is being carried out every day between our staff and our residents. That mission is to serve others with faith-based, quality living for senior adults. We strive to put others before self and our own needs.

We all, at MRC Cornerstone, are here to ensure these values and daily mission. When we hear brand new residents expressing what we work so hard to accomplish every day, it feels like we are reaching our goal to serve our residents. Additionally, our residents are serving each other.

Amy Durmon/Interviewer, MRC Cornerstone Senior Living Counselor

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