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It’s not very often that a company is blessed with so many committed, resilient, and compassionate employees. Methodist Retirement Communities (MRC) seem to be the exception as excellence appears to be the norm. Many of those incredible employees call MRC Cornerstone their work-home. COVID-19 has acted as a huge spotlight that has shined brightly on the Senior Living industry illuminating the brightest heroes of them all. One of those shining stars is Lifestyle Director, Lisa Westerman. She is the true definition of a servant’s heart and has remained steadfast during the unique challenges of this pandemic.

Finding her home at Cornerstone

For 17 years, Lisa ran her own nail salon here in Texarkana. It was a thriving business and she made many friendships because of it. Yet wanting a change of scenery, Lisa joined Cornerstone’s dining staff. She helped serve residents and helped decorate for events. Needless to say, the table settings and service were always amazing. Seeing her talents and observing how much residents love her, it was no surprise she was the perfect candidate for the Life Enrichment Director. This career change came alongside another major milestone in Lisa’s life, she lost her loving husband of 28 years. “I never knew how much the residents loved me until I lost my husband. They cried with me and for me. It was then I knew MRC Cornerstone was the place for me, and I was with family.”

The Challenge

Lisa joined the Life Enrichment team right at the time COVID-19 presented itself, which caused a lot of restrictions for activities in our Community. “The day to day reward of my job is always apparent, but lately it has been challenging to be creative with so many restrictions.” As usual, Lisa has amazed everyone with wonderful ideas such as, dancing in doorways, a Corona Cantina, that served virgin margaritas with chips and salsa, one on one prayer time, and so much more. She is diligent in keeping residents social and active during these times and will go above and beyond.

The Reward

Lisa commends the residents for being so adaptive with all the regulations, but she is ready to do so many fun things when life is back to normal. She is ready to go shopping, take trips, play yard games, and host a block party. The residents supported Lisa during a difficult time in her life and now she has the opportunity to support them through the difficulties of this pandemic. Lisa described it like this, “It is my joy to serve them. They are my family and I love them. I know that they love me too. Can’t believe it took me so long to find Cornerstone, but I am glad I did. I am home.”

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